Vector Graphics in the Browser

I guess there’s no real good story for vector graphics in the browser. I know IE supports VML natively, but no other browser does. SVG is the standard, but you need a plugin to make that work in IE and FireFox. Adobe makes an SVG plugin, but who has that installed? Everyone has Flash installed, but that seems like overkill to render a few vector graphics. Avalon would be perfect, except that it isn’t shipping yet.

Does that mean that if I want to build a wide reach website that creates relatively simple data driven graphics (bsaically filled boxes) that I still have to use images?


Since the plug-in is already on (virtually) everyone's computer, I don't see Flash as "overkill." If you want to code-generate the SWF, you can use something like Otherwise, the question becomes the drawing / animation program and I think most vector drawing packages export SWF directly.
P.S. On Firefox, your content extends "under" the right-hand margin and becomes unreadable. FYI.