Xbox 360 Marketing Challenges

While my blog was down, Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 with significant fanfare and dramatic demand. Of course, a month later the Xbox 360 is still sold out pretty much every where you go. I remember I got able to find an original Xbox before Christmas back in 2001 so either the demand is much higher or the supply is much lower (probably both). I’ve personally decided to wait on getting a 360 – I’m way behind on original Xbox games and my two kids don’t leave much playtime anyway. But I’m certainly in the minority on this one.

Anyway, at the height of the frenzy a couple days after launch, John Porcaro wrote what I thought was an amazing post about the difficulties of marketing a product like Xbox 360. I mean, we’re all acutely aware of the technical challenges of designing a hardware product like Xbox 360 or a software service like Xbox Live. Maybe that time in marketing rotted my brain, but the challenge John describes is significant.

Furthermore, I think John really lays it out there in his post. It may not have been good news (i.e. Xbox 360 shortages for the near-term future) but it was open and forthright about where Microsoft is with the Xbox 360 and how Microsoft wants Xbox to grow.

(Note: AFAIK, I am not getting a free Xbox 360 from John for writing this.)


Very interesting, Thanks. Please put more of it!