Custom Domains Rock

I’m digging the new Custom Domains service from Windows Live. Setup couldn’t have been smoother:

  • Sign up on Custom Domains
  • Change the MX record of my domain
  • Add Users

The only even slightly tricky point is that I had set up a passport for in the distant past and long forgotten the password. However, Custom Domains allows be to “evict” a user from the domain so I was able to recreate it with little trouble.

I do have two feature requests that I’m guessing are on the horizon for the Custom Domains team:

  • Aliases: I’d like to set up “” to simply forward to my main devhawk email. This is a pretty common feature of other email systems, so I expect some future release will include this.
  • Non-Web Client Access: I can use Outlook to access my personal hotmail account, but I had issues accessing my devhawk email.