Finally Back On The Ice!

So Day One of the 2005-06 NHL season is in the books. Good for the Caps, bad for the Kings. Really bad for the Penguins, but I hate the Penguins so that’s cool. And I was pleasantly surprised to discover that OLN was broadcasting the Rangers/Flyers game in HD on INHD. They have an HDTV broadcast schedule, so the need for HDNet just dropped dramatically. I will have to spring for NHL Center Ice – one night of the free preview and I’m sold. The only bummer was not getting the Caps game live – with all 30 teams in action tonight, there weren’t enough channels to carry them all live. But they won, and after eighteen months and one day since their last game that is good enough for me.


I also am so hockey is back on the ice. I am little pissed at what the new CBA has done to my Red Wings but I am sure we will manage. Some of the new rule changes are nice as well. Long overdue. Some are just plain dumb. As a goalie I want to skate where i want. I would have rather let them check the goalie outside the box then limit where they can skate and handle the puck
Pens just lost another one in OT. Can we go backl to the old rules? Please? :) BTW - the Pens games was on Outdoor Life Network (OLN). Not sure about their plans to carry otehr NHL games. BTW2 - NHL has free streams of most games..