It’s Great To Have Hockey Back, But…

I’m glad the NHL is back. I’m glad that I get to watch some games in HD. But it’s more than a little disconcerting to see commercials for hunting shows and other so called “field sports” during breaks in the action.

I’m not sure that having the NHL on the same station as “Wanted: Ted or Alive” is really helping the sports image.


I'm glad the NHL is back too. That much we have in common. But...perhaps it's only a small minority of people who take an elitist attitude towards hunters. :-)
Being a vegetarian makes it very difficult to watch the OLN channel and I must add that being a vegetarian and not liking OLN doesn't make me an elitist. I solve the problem by watching hockey on Center Ice. $129 a year is well worth it!
I'll take any hockey, regardless of the commercial interruptions. Wango Tango, baby. PS: The Pens finally won one! Wahoo!