Leave No Doubt

I was on vacation without access to the ‘net most of last week, so I didn’t get to immediately blog the USC’s utter dominance in the Orange Bowl last Tuesday. I got to watch the game with several college buddies (the benefit of vacationing in LA) and we just had a ball. After the bittersweet shared championship last year, this feels great. Who would have thought it would be over at halftime? I called it “in the refrigerator” 4 minutes into the third when SC went up 45-10. I would have called it at half time, but I figured OU would come out with some life in the second half, but they didn’t.

While I am glad about many things about this season, I am most glad that the Orange Bowl rout leaves the title undisputed. Even the most die-hard Auburn fan, having watched their team nearly blow the Sugar Bowl the night before, has got to be hard pressed to honestly argue that they deserve to be #1. Especially when they think to the last time they played USC – they got shutout at home 23-0. Sure, Auburn isn’t the same team but then again, neither is USC.

There’s already talk of USC being a dynasty and of a threepeat (or should that be three-Pete?) Frankly, that talk is a little premature in my opinion. But given the massive drought USC football went through when I was in school there (during the decade long plus losing streak to Notre Dame) it sure is nice to be on top.


I disagree on the Auburn comment- I think they can make a credible claim. They had a close game with Va. Tech, which probably should have beaten USC earlier in the season. That was a very close game with some questionable calls. Those kinds of calls are part of every game though, and USC did win. But it was close (closer than the score indicates). Also, I think it is clear that the SEC is a tougher conference to play in, and Auburn ran the table. Having said all that, my personal opinion is that USC proved that they deserve it this year.
Well, we can agree on this. USC is the proud new owner of an uncontested national championship, and it is well deserved. I personally don't think things like "how convincing was the win" should come into play in the rankings, but the bottom line is, while I think Auburn would have put up more of a fight than OU, I don't think they would have won. USC came to play, and claimed their national title with fervor. Congrats.