Connecting To Your Windows Media

I started reading The Nears after Sean linked to his comparison of Media Center Extenders. Today, there’s a great comparison of Media Center Extenders to Windows Media Connect devices. Very cool stuff. I’d love to have all my media on a central machine and then be able to listen to or watch it all over the house. The Nears linked to the Roku SoundBridge which plugs into your stereo system. Supports wired or 802.11b/g wireless in as well as analog, optical and coax audio out. Controllable via remote control or web app. Of course, what would be truly killer is web services support. Prices seem pretty reasonable. There are three different models with the same functionality – the only difference is the size and quality of the display. I think I need one or two of these…


I broke down and bought an XBox extender. I didn't like the UI that the Linksys provided and we needed to have the ability to watch TV on it. I subscribed to their weblog for the same reason. It's good stuff.
Of course, you could do what I do with my combination of my Mac, TiVo, and the AirPort Express. Music and images float magically through the air from computer to TVs and to stereo. No programming involved. TV can go from my family room TiVo to my bedroom TiVO, and soon down to my laptop to take with me. Just an alternate point of view, of course.