Napster To Go

Apparently Napster to Go is old news, having been launched in beta months ago. They don’t appear to be marketing it – the only mention of it I could find was on the page of compatible devices. I’m guessing the reason is the page only lists five devices compatible with the Napster to Go service and all of them are portable media centers. I wanted to search for other devices compatible with Windows Media Digital Rights Management 10 but the PlaysForSure advance search isn’t working. There’s new firmware for the Zen Micro that supports WMDRM 10, but nothing yet for the Zen Xtra. On the plus side, I discovered the Nomad SDK and FriendlyNomad C# wrapper for the SDK. Not sure what I would write that accessed my Nomad – I which I could customize the playback experience but Red Chair Software’s Notmad Explorer provides a great PC expereince.


iRiver has a player that is supposed to work (H340).