Quick Architecture Takes

It’s been quiet around here as I’m prepping for my next trip abroad. TechEd Malaysia and Bejing are next week and I’m presenting at both, plus I’m stopping over in Tokyo to meet with the local field architects. Should be pretty cool. I did TechEd Malaysia two years ago, but I’ve never been to China before so I’m pretty excited.

A few short takes before I go:

  • Three more Architecture Strategy team members are blogging: Josh Less, Norman Guadagno and Drew Gude.
    • Josh is the “FinServGuy”, focusing on the architecture, patterns and standards in the financial services industry. He just started on our team and just started his blog. Go check out his post on the Insurance Value Chain.
    • Norman actually not a team member yet and he’s the blogging vet of these three. When he starts in October, Norman will be our marketing manager, a skill set that we’ve been sorely missing around here. His blog – Atlas Brand View – has no coverage of architecture per se, but interesting marketing tidbits like Eight Reasons Marketing Makes Sense and Whatever Happened To Burger King. Can’t wait to see what he writes about architecture marketing.
    • Drew is a vertical architect like Josh, but focused on automotive and manufacturing. He’s doing some cool work with RFID and is a member of the RosettaNet Architecture Advisory Committee. However, as I write this, Drew has yet to blog anything. I keep hearing how he’s working on something but since I’m going out of town I figured I could put a bit of a squeeze to get him to post. 😄
  • I’m stoked about the .NET Languages site. Not much up there yet, but I subscribed. Given my interest in software factories and domain-specific languages, I guess this isn’t a surprise. But my interest in language design goes way back to the early days of my blog. BTW, Compiling for the .NET CLR is a great book.
  • I hung out with new-red-pill-taker Peter Provost last weekend. Our families went to Bumbershoot together. With my 18 month old son and Peter’s 30 month old daughter, there was little, if any, debauchery – unless riding the kiddy rollercoaster when you’re not really tall enough counts.  There was, however, lots of geek talk, at least when the wifes were off doing other things.

I’ve got some cool stuff “in the works” which I hope to talk about more when I get back. I have 35 hours on airplanes in the next ten days, so I get a chance to bang out some code.


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