More on my New VoIP Service

I got my Lingo phone set up last night. It was mind-numbingly easy:

  1. Ignore included directions which tell you to turn off the computer, router and cable modem. (maybe you unplug the microwave just to be sure)
  2. Plug Lingo VoIP box into router
  3. Plug Lingo VoIP box into phone
  4. Plug Lingo VoIP box into power outlet
  5. Wait for VoIP light to come on

We made a few calls, both locally and to our family & friends in Europe. I couldn’t hear any difference in quality from our normal land line. We’re going to run with both in parallel for a while, and then I’m going to cut back the services on the land line. I figure I don’t want to shut it off completely for SLA reasons – it works when the power’s out and in the very rare occasions that the internet connection is down. Otherwise, I figure I’ll be completely switched over in a month or so.

BTW, like other VoIP vendors, Lingo offers incentives to sign up your friends. If you want Lingo and an extra $25 credit, drop me a line.