New Phones Arrived

I got my twin V300′s tonight. No sweat – only issue was figuring out which one was mine and which one was Julie’s (We don’t have exactly the same plans). Of course, they look identical. We’ve set the backgrounds to different images so we can tell by opening the phone who’s it is, but it would be really nice to have a different faceplate for at least one of them. Plus we need 2 car chargers and I’d like to get a data cable to sync my contact list. Ebay has a bunch of vendors like PhoneStations that offer these accessories cheap – car charger for 99 cents, faceplate for $2.97, data cable for $14.99. S&H is a little outragous – $15 for four items – but $35 total including S&H seems way reasonable, esp. when T-Mobile charges $35 for just the data cable. Anyone know anything about places to buy V300 accessories? What about applications for the V300? The data cable doesn’t come w/ any software. I found MotoCoder, but I don’t really have time to write my own apps for this phone (esp. in J2ME).


Actually, I just bought the same type of accessories from eBay for my Motorola T721, and they were really good. The shipping is a total rip-off, true (they charge you S/H per item and then actually ship them together! Very lame.), but I was happy with everything overall. Quick service and great products. I don't think I used PhoneStations specifically, but one of the many other little vendors that make their livings off of eBay. FWIW, I would do it again. And, it's cheaper then going down to your local mobile shop and buying them. Later Harry! -Jason
Put a dab of nail polish on the back of Julie's. Low tech; but no drain on the battery! dad