Weird VPC Issue

I’m setting up a new SQL 2005 / VS 2005 VPC. While I’m pretty excited about SQL Express, I want to experiment with some of the features in the full product so I’m installing Express’s big brother. However, there must be some weird issue w/ VPC’s shared folders feature – the setup support files fail to install. If I connect to my host across the virtual network to the loopback adapter then the install works fine. As I said, weird.

On a related note, anyone know a good, simple, free/cheap DHCP server for XP? The one issue w/ using the loopback adapter is that you either hardcode network addresses or use the “Automatic Private Address” (i.e. the 169.254.*.* address). The auto private address works fine, except that it takes a while for the DHCP to time out before assigning the private address. Plus, in XP SP2, there’s an annoying tray icon that pops up to tell you that the loopback adapter failed to get a DHCP address. If I had a DHCP server for the virtual network hanging off the loopback adapter, then I could avoid all that timeout and annoying pop up tray icon stuff.