TechEd NZ Student Day

We arrived this morning at 5am after a relatively uneventful flight to Auckland. Our flight from Seattle to LA was late, so we had to make a mad dash to the international terminal. It didn’t help that the guy at the Qantas desk was to busy flirting w/ a co-worker to remember to hand me back my passport. <sigh> But I got it back and all went well on the 12 hour flight. Patrick was so good! Slept most of the way there and was an angel when he was awake. Jules and I even got a few winks.

I just finished presenting Metropolis as part of TechEd NZ’s Student Day. Sort of wierd to present Metropolis to students – the rest of the agenda was either dev focused or “cool” tech like personal media centers and Xbox games. Seemed to get a good reaction, tho. Talked to a few people afterwards who liked it. There was one guy who tried to set me up on the topic of structure data standardization by asking my opinion of standardizing word document formats. He was unaware that we have published Word’s XML format. On top of that, I’m not sure how having a standardized doc format helps in SOA. Documents are unstructured data – one of the key points of Metropolis is the value of standardized structured data formats. Knowning where the paragraph breaks are doesn’t help you understand a contract.

It’s almost 5:30pm here, but my body thinks it’s 10:30pm yesterday, so I’m off to dinner w/ Jules and Patrick. The weekend is for sightseeing so look for me back here on Monday.