Architecture Down Under

I’m off for New Zealand today. I’m presenting at TechEd New Zealand and TechEd Australia next week. They’ve got it set up nice – present in Auckland Friday and Monday, fly to Australia Tuesday, then present in Canberra Wenesday and Thursday. I’m presenting Metropolis and Data in SOA – the same talks I did at TechEd US. After that, I’m off for a week in Sydney with family. Jules & Patrick are coming with, and my mom is meeting up with us in Australia. So things may be pretty slow around here, especially that second week.

In prepration for this trip, I cleaned out my inbox for the first time in, well, ever. Granted, most of it was simply moved to local archive folders, but I did actually throw out everything in my deleted items folders. Typcially, I run bouncing up against my 200 MB mailbox quota. As of yesterday afternoon, I was at 26 MB. I haven’t had my inbox that empty in five years. Of course, two weeks of unread and unanswered email will fill that up real quick.


Look forward to seeing you in NZ. Here are a few useful facts. 1) We do not eat people 2) There are no sheep on the airport runway 3) Kiwi audiences are quiet - this means respect not boredom. 4) Don't eat mountain oysters. 5) Ask Ari Bixhorn about Berocca.
Where Architecture Down Under?
Hiya, Bring warm socks to Canberra. See you in NZ also.
I just had to say you did an excellent job today at Tech Ed. The metropolis presentation was excellent. any chance you could do the Suit the Nerd and the Fortune teller thing (you would look great in a pointy hat)