New SOA Section on Arch Center

By now, everyone has seen the big news – VS2005 Beta 1, Express versions and the new VS2005 Dev Center. I’m provisioning a new VPC to install it on. I’d love to move to VS2005 for all my dev work, but I’m writing a few apps that need to be working in a production environment long before we get to Beta 2, so I’m going to leave those on VS.NET 2003…at least for now. However, there are a few longer-term things that I’m working on that I’ve been wait to start coding on for VS2005 that can now get started.

On the architecture side, we launched a new SOA resource page. As part of the launch, we are featuring an updated version of Pat’s Metropolis presentation and a new SOA whitepaper. The version of Metropolis that has been a part of the Architecture Strategy Series was one of the first times Pat had presented it. Like many presentations, Pat refined his delivery with each new time he delivered the talk. The new version provides a new section that describes SOA as well as a section drilling down on the guidance that the Metropolis model provides. Even if you’ve seen the previous version, you should check out the new version.

We also published a new whitepaper on Service Orientation and Its Role in Your Connected Systems Strategy. It takes a Crawl/Walk/Run approach to describing the approach and technology for service orientation today, next year with SQL 2005 & VS 2005, and further out with Longhorn and Indigo. It also covers such areas as Service-Oriented Analysis, Designing for Change and Extensibility, Service Management and Pattern of Service-Oriented Solutions.

You can discuss the new whitepaper, the new version of the Metropolis presentation or any other aspect of our SOA content on TheServerSide.NET.


Can I discuss the new whitepaper?