New Toy

I just picked up a 40GB Nomad Zen Xtra. I know everyone is all ga-ga for the iPod, but I have all my media in WMA I found the Nomad for almost half the price of a 40GB iPod. I also picked up Notmad Explorer which is much cooler than the built in software. I especially like the Xtreamer capability which allows you to play music stored on the Nomad thru your computer speakers. So far, I’ve only filled up 1/3 of the storage – I guess I need to rip more of my CD collection!


"but I have all my media in WMA". Ouch, hows the liscensing working out for you? Is it true that if you try to move your music to another machine (say when you upgrade) it won't work anymore?
Works fine for me. While you can turn copy protection on for music you rip, that's optional. I turn it off, so I can access my music on any machine in my house & easily transfer to either of Nomad players (I also have a solid state 256MB Nomad IIc).
thank you