TechEd Sessions Online

Streaming producer presenations from TechEd US have been posted. However, the streaming presenation site has the same lack-of-url-addressability issue that TechEd Breakout session list had. Is it so hard to just post a simple HTML file with a list of all the sessions in a track? <sigh>

Anyway, here are links to the top 5 sessions from this year’s architecture track. For those who could not make it to TechEd (or were there, but missed these sessions) enjoy!

  1. Realizing SOA by John deVadoss & Ron Jacobs
  2. Data in SOA by Harry Pierson (i.e. yours truly)
  3. Patterns in the Enterprise by Gregor Hohpe
  4. Improving Application Perf & Scale by Chris Kinsman
  5. Building Apps with P&P App Blocks by Wojtek Kozaczynski

Update: The streaming site has been taken down, so none of the links work anymore. Sorry about that. We will be updating the Architecture Strategy Series at some point in the future with at least the Realizing SOA and Data in SOA talks.


Worse than lack of a list of URLs is the lack of downloadable video files. Every chance I've had in the past 4-5 years, I've begged and begged everyone and anyone involved with various video "feeds" to consider the plight of the poor developers (read: me!) who CANNOT "waste time" at work (according to my managers) by watching streaming video (for hours on end). (Managers see this as two things: an abhorred non-ROI expense, since they hate all things "training"-like, and slipped schedules.) I'am also unfortunately broadband-challenged at home (no access in my neighborhood), so the idea of watching streaming video at home won't work either. Each time I've brought this up (the last time was about a series of videos on the Architecture portal...which were never made available for download), I've been told "we're working on it"...but the downloadable files never appear. A third reason for downloadable video files is that there a quite a few developers here in Silicon Valley that are in "enemy camps": companies filled with Java and Linux bigots......and find it extremely hard to pass on information, unless its in the form of a DVD they can view at their leisure. And, of course, a fourth reason for downloadable video files is that The DotNet Show and MSDN TV are downloadable. Having said all this, while at the PDC03 I once again asked over a dozen people about downloadable files for all the breakout sessions (even though I'd already paid for the conference video DVDs), and was happy to find out they were doing just that, which set a new low-bar standard for conference coverage. Thus, can we expect the same for TechEd04? Who do I need to beg this time? (You certainly shouldn't have to be posting URLs to individual breakout sessions...)