Plane Ride Home

BTW, I ended up watching the three episodes of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! on the flight home from Tech·Ed. I made this a seperate post since I wasn’t sure how much the MSDN folks would appreciate the “foul” lanugage on Architecture Center. Amazon spells it “Bullsh*t” but I don’t get the whole changing one letter thing. I mean, if you’re offended by the word “Bullshit”, are your really going to be placated by a fucking asterisk? 😄


of course you're right in principle: the set of people not offended by bullsh*t IS the set of people not offended by bullshit AND the set of people offended by bullshit IS the set of people offended by bullsh*t some people (such as me) are stuck behind corporate internet connections that give you nasty "blocked" messages (example here: if they detect certain sets of characters... hence, these simple replacements mid-stream can make a site accessible to people like me, without providing too much distortion of the original intent. two wrongs making a sort of almost right. cheers lb but
I love that Amazon spells it "Bullsh*t" right next to a picture of the DVD box with "Bullshit!" written on it in nice big red letters :-)
"Give 'em hell, Harry!" :-)