New Architecture Bloggers

We’ve updated the Architecture Center blog page. We added John Evdemon (who I already blogged), Stuart Kent and Alan Cameron Wills. Stuart and Alan work on the Enterprise Frameworks and Tools team which is producing the VS2005 modeling tools formerly known as Whitehorse. They are mostly blogging about domain-specific languages (DSL), software product lines, code generation from models and a variety of other Software Factories related ideas. They also touch on the relationship of the DSL/Factories approach to the UML/MDA approach. Stuart has a great response to a post by Grady Booch where Grady disparages the DSL approach stating that he “always found the DSL play to be one of classic over-engineering”. Given the recent “Unwanted Modeling Language” backlash against UML 2, I’m not sure how fair it is for Grady to be calling any modeling approach over-engineered.