Software Factories @ OOPSLA

If you were intrigued by my Software Factories post last week, you might want to consider attending OOPSLA ’04. It’s in Vancouver this year, making it an easy trip from Seattle for me. There’s going to be an all-day tutorial on Using Domain Specific Languages, Patterns, Frameworks and Tools to Assemble Applications presented by the authors of Software Factories. There’s also a half-day tutorial on Generative Software Development presented as part of the Generative Programming and Component Engineering ’04 conference, which is co-located with OOPSLA ’04. OOPSLA will also feature talks by Rick Rashid, Steve McConnell, Ward Cunningham and Herb Sutter. And I’m not quite sure what this is about, but Jaron Lanier will be presenting a keynote entitled: “Exocomputing in the Year 2304: A Survey of Confirmed Alien Information Technologies”. I’ve got to check that out, if just to see what confirmed alien information technologies look like.