New Blogger from the Team-Formerly-Known-As-NEAT

It’s been a while – and a team name change - but another one of my teammates has made the leap into the blogosphere. John Evdemon is a member of our vertical industry architecture team focusing on near and long term web service solutions as well as regulatory compliance solutions. Furthermore, he’s a co-chair of the OASIS BPEL TC. He blogged a presentation on BPEL he did at SD West. Subscribed and added to my list of Architecture Strategy and Evangelist Blogs

Actually, this isn’t John’s first foray into blogging – he’s got a personal blog  <Well-Formed/>. There, he describes himself as “an XML hacker and standards geek for a large software vendor.” Always nice to have a standards geek around…Plus, he’s a big Hitchcock (his new blog is named “Vertigo”). Do I feel a Hitch movie marathon coming on?