Apparently, Nagging Works

My father, who I’ve written about and who has commented here several times, finally started his own blog called Hal 9000 . He’s using Google’s new service, which I guess means there is no RSS feed. I can’t find a link to any syndication feed on the site. Of course, since it took him a week to email me the address, maybe he’s looking to duck my criticism? 😄

Seriously, my Dad has been a *HUGE* influence on my career (though he always thought I switched jobs too often – I say I was just looking for the right place which I finally found @ MSFT). He’s been around UNIX and C since the start. From Dad’s first post:

I’ve been around computing for a long time! My first job after getting my doctorate was at Bell Labs. In the Spring 1971 I installed my first Unix system – with Ken Thompson help. Because my thesis delt with compiler theory I was interested in C from the beginning – static routines was my suggestion.

Over the years I’ve worked on air traffice controls systems, case and office tools, handwriting recognition algorithms, to name a few. I am one of the authors of the Systems Engineering CMM.

Currently, I teach OO Programming, and OO Analysis & Design at Johns Hopkins University (part-time engineering school)

My current interests include Security & Enterprise Architectures for a large gov’t agency; designing Service Orient Architectures; and software development tools.

Just yesterday, I ran into a TechEd attendee who worked at Bell Labs back in the day who recognized my last name. A friend of mine who’s an architect evangelist for MSFT also recognized my name from his days at Bell Labs. Sure is a small world.

Dad has also commented on Clemens lightweight transactions post and discussed modeling. I can’t wait to see his reaction to Visual Studio 2005 Architect Edition’s modeling tools.

I added a link to Hal 9000 in my navigation links section. At this rate, will I need a family blog roll?


here is the link to your dad's blog rss feed: Very good stuff, I am very interested in both of your blogs.
I posted this on your Dad's site, but I wanted to get your opinion as well. Cool/Not Cool? [post:] Hello, I'm a 25 year old up and comming developer, working with a small company while I'm going to school. One of the things my manager is trying to instill in me is the importance of modeling. He insists on "blueprinting" the application before I write a line of code. We're using the Rational Unified Process to develop our product. Now understand that I have come from a Microsoft Access/Visual Basic 6 background. The desire to just code first is incredible. Development Lifecycle models like "Agile" or "eXtreme Programming" sound extremely appealing. I'm learning to like UML and designing before I code. I was curious how you felt about it? Good/Bad/Indifferent? Would you be willing to give me a little advise on making the long journey from apprentice coder to software architect? Joshua ( [/post]
Greg, thanks for pointing out the ATOM url. Joshua, as with all things, there is a middle ground between the model-every-last-detail and the just-start-coding approaches. It really depends on what you're building. The approach taken to construct a doghouse is very different from constructing a skyscraper. Likewise, you would take different approaches to building an ERP system vs. the company picnic registration system. The bigger the problem to solve, the better off modeling the problem and solution first.
Hi there - In case your father want to use another feedback different from Atom's he can use Blogstreet Rss agregator, it's free and works really well. It'll allow him use other services such as Wap enabling the weblog. Here's the link: ~ Priapo