Movie Times Web Service?

There are a wide variety of web pages to get movie times information. How about web services? My wife and I went to see a movie on Saturday (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – loved it). On the way there, we got worried we weren’t going to make it in time. I figured I’d check if there was any other movies starting a little later in case we didn’t get there in time. Of course, I have my new Smartphone, so I wanted to use it. This turned out to be much more difficult than it should have been.

MSN Mobile entertainment section was useless – lottery and horoscope only. There don’t seem to be many sites tuned for smartphone access. TV Guide has a smartphone site - in case I want to check what’s on TV while I’m out?

I want a program that downloads local theatre movie times into my phone. Not too much to ask. In fact, I’d write it myself and give it away if there was a simple source for the data. However, for all the movie time sites, I can’t find a web service or even a source for the raw data.

Is there a movie times web service that I just don’t know about? If there isn’t where do the movie sites get their movie times data and how can I get a copy?


I use AvantGo to sync the channel. It pulls movie times for all the local theaters.
was wondering if you figured out a way to do this yet, or what programs could be used on regular pc to just get the data feed instead of all the ads, like avantgo for pc...
Anybody seen anything like this? Surprised I can't find anything like this, seems like an obvious consumer web service. Moviefone/AOL conspiracy?
i too am surprised that no one has done this. it really does seem obvious. as it is, i am resorting to screen scraping for the things i want to do. if anyone finds anything, please let me know (dmmillerAThotmailDOTcom)
There is a web service at: