Back in Black

It’s been a busy week. I was on .NET Rocks, we published JOURNAL and I seem to have stirred up some discussion with my endangered middle-tier post.

But then I was silenced by a floppy disk.

My friend Tom, who hosts DevHawk and TechieWife for me, is on a contract job out-of-state and couldn’t remotely diagnose why the web server that hosts this blog wouldn’t reboot after a power-outage. Turns out there was a floppy in the drive and go figure, the server tried to boot from the floppy. So I’ve been offline all week. Still, I have to give Tom props as

  1. He hosts me for free
  2. I have admin access to the machine
  3. He’s down to try new things

Being on .NET Rocks last week reminded my a little of my old college DJ days. I’ve got an idea I’d like to play around, but I’d need a media server. That’s where #3 above comes into play. I ask Tom and I receive. No idea what I’m going to do with it yet, but now I have a media server to play with. Thanks, Tom…You Rock!