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After several weeks of using NewsGator’s online services to read blogs, I’m finally got app reinstalled (machine switching and paving – you know the drill). While the web-based reader is nice in a pinch, it’s not as convient as the Outlook-based reader, so I got way behind on blog reading (which is partly why I’ve been behind on blog writing). So there may be a few things that made the rounds in the past few weeks that I’m only getting to now. Like this.



I love NewsGator - its a great app, and it works really well inside Outlook. I still visit blog sites ocassionally, but its much more convenient to have new posts all aggregated up into Outlook. Gives me a record of posts I want to follow up on, too - better than adding something to my task list (where I'll never get to it!)... Chris
Was there anything specific that would have made the web edition more efficient for you? Or was it just missing the convenience of Outlook that made the difference? Feel free to reply privately if you'd prefer.
Nice to see you're still working on improving the product Greg. :) Most of the issue was not having Outlook running, but there were two things I'd like to see in the online version. #1 - OPML export from online service. I would like to have been able to set up some other reader in the short term until I could get Outlook (and thus NewsGator) back up and running. #2 - The ability to delete single posts. You can delete all or leave all alone. It would be nice to delete single posts. It would also be nice to provide a check box for each post (along with a check all and uncheck all option) so you can delete a subset without having to do each one manually or deleting all of them.
#1 - you can actually do this today - NGOS will automatically expose your OPML if you so choose...for example, here's mine: To set this up, go to: in the subscriber site, edit (or create) a "machine" whose subscriptions you want to expose, and enable the public OPML exposure. If you have some private subscriptions you don't want to expose, just create a new "machine", specify which subscriptions should apply to it, and expose the OPML. This is what I do, so our internal feeds aren't exposed in my public OPML. I even use this public OPML file to generate a blogroll on my weblog at This way, I don't have to worry about keeping it up to date - changes in Outlook and in NGOS are reflected automatically. #2 - I couldn't agree more...this is on the short list of things to address.
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