Looking for SPSynd Volunteers

I had eight people waiting to be admitted to the SharePoint Syndication GDN Workspace. Sorry for the delay folks – my workspace was maxed out on users and I had to get upgraded by GDN. Anyway, I’ve been given more membership slots, so the people who’ve been waiting – some since January – are now in.

There has been a lot of interest in this project and others like it. Jonathan Malek has his SpsRssGen project. Sig Weber has an RSS Generator for SPS. All in all, there is quite a bit of interest in this developing for SharePoint in general and creating syndication feeds in particular. Too bad I can’t get more involved. With my new job, I just don’t have the time to work on this project anymore. 😦

Since I can’t keep the project up, I’m wondering if someone else would like to take up the reins. I posted all the code to the workspace, but so far there’s been little traffic other than people wanting to join. I was hoping for more participation, but then I haven’t done anything to foster that so I really can’t complain. So let me ask explicitly: If you’re interested in being an admin on this project, please send me email. Once I get an admin (or two) and a core group of interested developers, I’ll start hosting chats / email lists / live meetings / conference calls / smoke signals / whatever to discuss the project direction. Personally, my #1 feature is an admin interface for creating the syndication feeds integrated directly into the existing SharePoint admin interface. Not sure how doable that is, but let’s find out. After that, I’m open to suggestions as to project direction.


Ideally someone from the MS SharePoint WSs team would take up the challenge and develop it as a "pilot" for what they can do in v3 of WSS! (add ATOM etc)