Misery Loves Company

Fellow ‘softie and Washington Caps fan Dan Fernandez feels my pain. I called my father the other day and chirped: “Any new ex-Caps today?” and was very depressed to hear “Yeah, Gonchar’s gone”. I know I SAID my favorite Caps were on one way tickets out of town, but it’s depressing to be right. Between the fire sale and the upcoming CBA quagmire, I wonder if the Caps will sell ANY season tickets for next year.

I have a coworker who used to work for AOL in general and Ted “Hockey Abomination” Leonsis in particular. He’s watched a game from the owner box. I told him to give Ted a message for me : “Sell the Team”. Of course, I’m guessing he’s hearing that message on several fronts these days.

Update: Raymond Chen enjoyed a Seattle Thunderbirds game recently. Also, the annual Microsoft Hockey Challenge is next weekend. Traditionally, we played rival IT companies like Sun and AOL, thrashing them soundly on the ice (the one time I went, we been Sun 8-1). This year, there are a variety of intra-MSFT games and a series of MSFT vs. Customer games, but no industry rivalry games. Bummer!


Did you see the Canucks vs Avalanche yesterday though? Thats what hockey is all about. :)
Dude, I was with you when the Sun ass-whuppin' was dealt out to Sun, wasn't I? I think Sun filed some sort of law suit against Microsoft after that game, didn't they? I think they said MS used unfair practices to beat them, and that MS had a monopoly on Hockey, and that MS was generally not nice to them, and that MS... oh, wait a second - I forgot, that wasn't about Hockey, was it? Guess you guys have beaten them in at least two arenas now! For those that haven't been, the MS Hockey Challenge is a great time, and it benefits a great charity, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington. Take a friend, see some cool hockey, buy one of the very cool T-Shirts and support a great cause while you're at it. Chris