URL Addressability

In a meeting with Ward the other day, he brought up the importance of URL addressability in the context of a project we are working on. I’ve run into this issue twice recently.

  • We just posted the streaming content for The Architecture Strategy Series on the MSDN Architecture Center. While I can link directly to the sessions, there’s a script on that page that pops the session up in it’s own window and checks what version of Media Player you have installed. If I link directly, the window resizes wrong and you don’t get video with the audio. So I end up linking to the series page instead.
  • TechEd just posted their list of breakouts, including the session I’m delivering. However, I can only link to the overall breakout page, not to my specific session. If you want to see my session, you can filter by speaker.

Suffice to say, I’ll be considering URL addressability from now on in anything I have a hand in developing in the future.


This also has a huge impact on search engine results, since Google's ranking mechanism is primarily based on links.