Technology Roadmap

We’ve added a session to the Architecture Strategy Series. The Technology Roadmap has proven to be a popular session at our architecture forums. I delivered it twice two weeks ago and I’m delivering it for a customer later today. The version of the presentation up on Architecture Center was delivered by Norman Judah, VP of Business Development for the Platforms, Technology and Strategy Group.

What’s nice about the Technology Roadmap is that it isn’t a product roadmap (mostly). We talk about the value of technologies themselves, rather than a list of features each product will have. It also talks about the market forces at work that are leading us to build the technologies in the first place. Well worth the watch.


For those of you that didn't catch Harry's presentation in Orlando a couple of weeks ago, it was great! Discussing the market and technology shifts and waves separately from product shifts and waves was great - I highly recommend the material; if you can see Harry present it, that's best, but if not, check out the Architecture Center prezzo... Chris Church