Finished KotOR

It took 30 hours of game play, spread out over a month and a half, but I finally finished Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It’s easy to see why this game received so many Game of the Year honors, it’s the best game I’ve ever played. And what’s even cooler is that I want to play it again, this time as a bad guy. The whole light vs. dark side conflict works very well and I’m really curious to see how the game progresses when you’re more Vader than Anakin.

I can’t wait to see Bioware’s next XBOX effort: Jade Empire. Between that and Fable, this should be a good year for RPGs on XBOX.


I bought KOTOR when it first came out, and I hated it. I played it for about three hours, and just couldn't stand it. Then, a few months later, I took some time off work. I sat down in the first week and told myself that I'd give KOTOR another try. Four days later, I still hadn't left the couch :) I'm going to go back and play it again, too. I think it would be rather satisfying to be... ...eeeeeeevvvviiillllllll ;)
I haven't finished the game, yet. It seems the drive on my XBox has gone bad. I can't get past a certain spot in the game, it just freezes while trying to load the scene. It also won't play DVDs all the way through. Very frustrating. However, when it was still working, I started another game of KOTOR where I chose all the "bad" paths. It is much harder and you end up fighting a lot more. Of course, I chose a fighter character this time. Lots of fun.
The DVD drive in my XBOX is failing too. A friend of mine got his replaced under warranty, but mine didn't fail in time. There are instructions online for replacing it, but you can get it fixed thru for something like $90 which is cheaper than buying a new drive.
i played kotor the first time thru as a good guy and it was a blast. i took a few months off, playing lesser games, and then came back to be the bad guy. being the bad guy is tough. the gameplay is mostly the same as the light side. the tough part is that you get the be REALLY bad. not just "bad mood, snarky comments" bad, but "sell people into slavery" bad and "incite violence amongst peasants" bad. it's great fun, and you feel guilty sometimes, choosing the bad choices, but when the little red icon pops up saying "you have gained dark side points," that makes it feel so good.
Thanks for the tip. I've been really bummed at the whole XBox thing since it died. I'll head over to and check it out.