Yet Another NEAT Blogger

Say hello (and subscribe) to John deVadoss, the latest .NEAT team member to start a blog. John’s the Lead Solutions Architect for .NEAT, which means he’s technical plus he manages people. He’s got his “Hello World” post out of the way where he lists his interests. I spend a lot of time hounding talking with John, so I’m looking forward to his future posts.

I think my extended team (.NET Enterprise Architecture Team plus the Field Architect Evangelists) are really starting to get into this blogging thing. Besides John and myself, we’ve got David explaining “what makes a Smart Client so smart?”, Ram on SOA and OO, Mike on modelling and Simon on interop and Outlook programmability. Maybe I should start a .NEAT / AE blogroll? The blogrolls on my weblog are woefully out of date anyway, might be time for an overhaul.


I'd like to get an OPML of the .NEAT/AE blogs. That would be an excellent resource.