Government Online International Network

While digging thru my referral logs, I found a link to a SOA news page from the Government Online International Network (or GOL-IN for short). I have no idea what this site is about, but it’s an interesting news feed on SOA. For example, I found this interview with Bob Sutor, IBM’s director of WebSphere infrastructure software titled “SOA Is So Necessary“. GOL-IN gets their news via News Is Free, too bad then they don’t in turn provide their own  RSS feed.


Mr Pierson, I found your blog through our referral logs. Actually, GOL-IN does have its own RSS feed. On our homepage (, scroll down and you'll find the little orange button at the bottom (it's been there since early 2002!) GOL-IN is a network for government officials working with e-government. Admittedly, our site (and hence our feed) is not very active nor informative; most of our work is "back-channeling".