The Architecture Strategy Series

We just pushed out a bunch of new content on MSDN Architecture Center. The Architecture Strategy Series is a collection of video presentations that have been delivered at Architect Forums around the world since last November.

Most notably among these seminars is an updated version of Pat Helland’s PDC talk. In theis version, he introduces the Metropolis analogy. Metropolis is an analogy between the evolution of cities during the Industrial Revolution and the evolution of enterprises during the Information Revolution. I find this analogy very illuminating when talking to people about where we’re headed in information technology. Even if you attended or watched the PDC Architecture Symposium talk, I highly recomend watching this session.

Other sessions include:

  • Information & Application Architecture for the Service-Oriented Enterprise
  • Solution Architecture for the Service-Oriented Enterprise
  • “Longhorn” Client Strategy
  • Dynamic Systems Initiative
  • Microsoft Systems Architecture
  • Real Time Collaboration
  • Trustworthy Computing

BTW, is there any interest in us making this content available for download? If so, what formats are important? PowerPoint slides, audio only, or the entire audio/video/slides experience?