Architect Behavior Patterns

Inspired by my post on the types of architects, Michael has blogged on architect behavior: the Purist vs. the Realist. I leaned heavily to the purist side earlier in my career, but I have evolved to be more middle-of-the-road between the two. (note the use of the word “more” implying that I have not yet reached the middle-of-the-road).

Michael implied that I care about title and function more than behavior. Of course, no one has “Realist Architect” on their business card. I guess I’m wondering: if we asked this question on a survey (Are you a total purist, mostly purist, slightly purist, middle of the road, slightly realist, etc?) would anyone answer it?


Hmmm.... I get to pick my job title for my new job and you just helped me do it. John Cavnar-Johnson, Realist Architect developerLabs
Realist - a purest would never accomplish anything...
Jeff, I disagree. When teamed together, architects from each side (and the middle) work perfectly well together and can accomplish great things. So I must say that a purist _does_ accomplish a lot. In fact, it's the purist you want designing your API and the realist doing the code review and API usability studies. Harry, I think my intent was to spearate the purpose of my entry from the purpose of yours by stating that it's a study of behavior rather than title and function as your entry does. I did not mean to imply that you didn't care. :) [removes foot from mouth]
I've posted that survey you suggested...
I goofed. Sharepoint was not designed to allow anonymous users to post survey responses. In addition, I don't think my dev license for Sharepoint covers this use case. I've rewritten the survey in ASP.NET. Sorry for the goof-up.
Realist. If I was a purist I would pontificate about the merits of that position, but I am a realist and I know it would probably not get read.