Pretty Soon I’ll Need a Friends & Family Blogroll

My pal Chris started a blog over the weekend - I’ve been bugging him to do so for quite a while. I’ve know Chris for several years – he used to be an officer in a company that I helped migrate over to .NET. The company got sold, but Chris hasn’t blogged what he does now so I’m not going to spoil the surprise (hint – he did blog about automatic external defibrillators).

So far, Chris is doing a lot of ranting – his favorite pub in Edmonton (which I’ve been to), Amazon Theater, and reselling livestrong bracelets. Personally, I think it’s funny that Chris can build a wearyellow livestrong flair for his blog template, but he hasn’t built an XML flair that points to his syndication feed.

Chop busting aside, I’m glad to see Chris posting. When I first met Chris, I was transitioning from consultant to technical sales, and I’ve learned a bunch from Chris about how business works that has come in very handy now that I work with architects. Chris, can’t wait to see more from you. But when are you coming to Seattle for a visit?


Thanks for the kind words. The only chop-busting I'm signing up for is to bust into some chops with you and Jules at Jak's Grill the next time I'm out. Keep up the good work, and remember - a home Automatic External Defibrillator is just as necessary as that box of bandaids in the medicine cabinet - don't leave home without it (not!) Chris