Early Xmas Present

Maybe it’s not as exciting as what my 2 year old has on tap for Xmas, but some of my Xmas came early when I got the new release of the DSL toolkit. The website isn’t updated yet, but the download is available.

This release is way beyond what the team shipped right after OOPSLA. For example, the code generation engine is in there now. So where you could only design the concepts of your modeling environment in the last release, now you can build a set of concepts in what is now called the Domain Model Designer, design a notation for that model using the Designer Definitions file (visual designer for this file to be a part of a future release) and build a set of code templates that can in turn generate code during the compilation process. Very cool.

I’ve only played with the updated walkthrus so far, but I’m pretty impressed. Major congrats to the team for getting this out. I saw Jochen in the cafe on Friday and discovered that the entire team has moved to building 25 which is right across the street from building 18 where my office is. Now I can go bother Jochen, Keith, Jack and the rest of the team without having to track all the way across campus! 😄