MSN Toolbar with Desktop Search

The new MSN Toolbar is now publicly available in beta. The big new feature is the integrated desktop search. I’ve been running internal builds for a while, and I love it. Obviously, comparisons will be drawn to Google Desktop but I can’t comment because Google Desktop wouldn’t run on my machine because I have the Microsoft ISA Server client (according to the Google Desktop Help Center, the latest version of the ISA client should work, but that’s what I was running). However, from looking at the Google Desktop screen shots, I know that Google doesn’t have my favorite feature of the MSN Toolbar – the Deskbar. It’s available via keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-Alt-M) and supports program execution (type “=appname” to launch appname) as well as typing shortcuts. I also like the search results page as I can narrow where my search executes in real time. For example, if I type “OOPSLA” into my deskbar it auto executes the the search across all locations on my desktop. As you would expect, the search screen is near-instant – just the time it takes to draw the window. Then I can narrow down to just show results from Documents, Email, Music, Pictures & Video, Email Attachments, Meetings, Contacts, etc. - in all around 19 different locations. I’m also only one click away from searching the web, news or images online from the search results screen.


You should really make it support Firefox - Google will anyway.