Technical Issues Resolved

We’ve had some technical difficulties around here. Tom installed ASP.NET 2.0 Beta 1 on this box and it automatically upgraded all the web apps on the machine to the new version. It caused a bunch of issues including breaking the admin interface and requiring a reboot every few hours. I spent some time this afternoon getting all the web apps back on ASP.NET 1.1. I uninstalled all of the beta bits, but it still didn’t work – I needed to use the aspnet_regiis utility to completely uninstall the IIS registration and then reinstall. I get the feeling that I could have left the beta bits hanging installed and just used aspnet_regiis to reset the registration, but better safe than sorry.

Anyway, since I couldn’t log in, I obviously couldn’t blog. I keep an Outlook task folder of “Shit to Blog” that’s gathered a few items, so I’m looking forward to getting those posted.