Movie Times on your SPOT Watch

Last week, Microsoft announced the new Movies channel for SPOT Watches. I blogged a while ago about wanting movie times on my SmartPhone. On my watch is nearly as good, except that I don’t have said watch. I’ve been thinking about getting a SPOT watch, but I’m curious – why can’t I get MSN Direct content delivered to my device of choice? I’d be happy to pay a service fee – I’ve just gotten used to not wearing a watch.


I was just thinking this this morning. blows on the smartphone. I actually do have a spot device and tried it today. It is much, much more usable than any of the web based ones I have seen so far. I wish I knew where they got the data from so I could write my own smartphone application for it...
According to the press release, MSN is getting the data from Cinema Source ( which is part of Hollywood Media Corp (which owns The information doesn't appear to be publicly available.