Halo 2

I didn’t join the midnight madness, but I did pick up Halo 2 at the company store today. There was a line around the building before the store opened this morning, but by lunchtime it was down to a 15 minute wait. Like many others, I was on the multiplayer beta, but I’m guessing nothing compares to the real deal. I’m not going to get a chance to play until tonight 😦 but I sure am looking forward to it. Quick reminder – my gamertag is RayTracer, though I’ll probably start off w/ the single player campain.

I wonder how many Xbox owners called in sick today?


Where did you get the RayTracer Stats image? I'm in as LoganV if you want to shoot me a few times ;)
I made it myself. In a former career, I was a graphic artist and I haven't completely lost my touch!