DSL Tools Now Available

We announced it last week, but the DSL Tools home page just went live today. The big thing is the Microsoft Tools for Domain Specific Languages Technology Preview. There’s also a walkthru of the tool, a newsgroup and Jochen’s blog. We also published the third article in the Software Factories overview series.

The DSL Tools is the first in a collection of “workshop” projects that relate to Team System. These projects will be run as transparently as is feasible, so watch that site to be pretty dynamic as we post things like specs and lots of interim builds. Scoble has talked in the past of transparent projects, this I think will be a much more transparent project than we’ve done in the past.

(BTW, if you want to try out the DSL Tools, you need VS2005 Beta 1 as well as the VSIP SDK 2005 Beta 1)