At Least It’s Over

While I was driving into work this morning, Kerry conceded. While he hasn’t made his speech yet as I write this, I’m assuming he’ll be magnanimous though in reality he’s being a realist. Not enough provo votes to overcome the current Bush lead. Maybe it’s better for Kerry anyway – as I wrote last night, even if he won Ohio and the election, he’d be facing an impossible task of uniting the country, fixing Iraq and digging the country out of the economic tarpit that it’s currently mired in all without the mandate of the popular vote.

Secondly, according to MSNBC, turnout estimation is 59%. That’s still a failing grade. Rod commented that in Australia, voting is mandatory. I like that idea, but he also pointed out that it would “never fly” in the US. Never say never…

With the result no longer in doubt, I’m imposing a personal media blackout for the next month or so. The closest I’m willing to get to politics for a while is is The West Wing.


Husband, I love you. I am sorry that this has been very hard on us all, but I remain hopeful that things will turn out well as long as people remain vigilant.
Australia also just voted in a conservative in a landslide election. "The closest I'm willing to get to politics for a while is is The West Wing." And that is _exactly_ why the left is where it is. You'd rather content yourself with a fantasy of how you'd like to it to be in the big bad old world instead of facing it head on.
Wow.. that's the quickest IP ban I've ever seen... Further proving my point... I'll piss off now...
Ted, you might have seen a server error, but I didn't ban your IP. I don't ban any IP sites on this blog (though I have deleted derogatory comments at times). You're right about the conservative election in Australia and the "fantasy" comment. My point about increasing voter turnout was not an attempt to swing to vote to the Democrats - as I pointed out in my previous post, we had massive turnout this time (highest since '68 I read somewhere) but the convential wisdom that higher turnout favors Democrats didn't hold. I doubt that a higher turnout could have overcome Bush's 4 million popular vote lead. As for the being content with a fantasy, let me make it very clear - I'm not content at all. However, I am burnt out. I need a little R&R before returning to take this head on. But make no mistake, I will be returning. Sorry you thought I banned your IP. We may disagree, but that doesn't mean I want you to piss off.
Point taken. Please accept my apologies.