Horror Stories for Halloween

Halloween is the time for scary movies. Julie and I have seen two since I got back from OOPSLA – 28 Days Later… and The Grudge. I’m not sure I would have called 28 Days Later “Scary As Hell” but I did really like it. It had a real plot and real characters that had real arcs. True, it also had zombies running around, but that was much less the focus than I expected. In fact, I think it had some thinly veiled social commentary (that I can’t discuss w/o spoiling the movie).

On the other hand, The Grudge is simply a run-of-the-mill haunted house story. Not that scary and no plot or characters worth mentioning. Simply a series of loosely strung together scary scenes with little consistency. Which was a bummer as it did have a great opening scene. After all the comparisons to The Ring (which I liked, though not as much as most people) and the fact that Sam Raimi was producing, it was very dissappointing.

Of course, neither of these can compare to the potential horrors of election fraud on Tuesday. Apparently, over 80 lawsuits have already been filed (on both sides) which I don’t take as a good sign.


I celebrated Halloween by watching "Army of Darkness" for the umpteenth time. Bruce Campbell rocks.