Other MSFT Bloggers at OOPSLA

Some other ‘softies blogging OOPSLA:

  • Keith Short talks about the DSL Tutorial and apologizes for our keynote demo.
  • Steve Cook talks about the MDA panel and says the keynote demo “wasn’t such a great idea”
  • Stuart Kent describes the DSL Toolkit and calls the keynote demo a “commercial break”
  • Michael Lehman briefly describes his work building a software factory for the DSL Tutorial and blogs Jack’s GPCE keynote presentation on Software Factories

Finally, Brant Carter took me to task for pointing out that Alan Kay ended his Turing Lecture with a product demo. Brant makes good points and I agree with all him. I think all the ‘softies blogging OOPSLA have acknowledged how poorly this went and I certainly didn’t mean to imply that somehow we were vindicated by Alan’s demoing stuff in his lecture. I plan on giving Squeak a deep look when I get some free time – I have an 18 month old son so Alan’s lecture on teaching computer science resonated with me.