OOPSLA Welcome Reception

I called it an early night yesterday (which explains why I’m blogging this today instead of last night) but I did go to the OOPSLA welcome reception. Ran into Martin again who pointed me in Gregor’s direction. Gregor presented at TechEd last year and was one of the top five speakers in the architecture track so we chatted about doing it again at next year’s TechEd. (I also got a chance to meet EIP’s co-author Bobby Woolf). Then Martin introduced several other attendees:

We all stood around chatting for a good while. I learned quite a bit and now have to add a few books to my very long reading list. I hadn’t realized that SourceForge is a product in addition to being an OSS code repository. Actually, their aren’t exactly the same – for example SF.net is built on PHP/Perl/Python while SF Enterprise Edition is built on J2EE. As we all started to drift off, Mark mentioned that he appreciated talking with me since didn’t always talk in “glowing terms” about MSFT. Hey, we do a lot right, but that means there’s always areas we can improve on and I always err on the side of honesty and transparency.