Day 0 is almost done. Like yesterday, it’s been quiet, but the foot traffic by the booth is improving. I missed the afternoon of the DSL Tutorial tracking down a shipment of JOURNALs that we are handing out at the conference. Martin Fowler stopped by to say hi and we chatted a while about the Architecture Advisory Board. He missed the meeting a couple weeks ago because of a communication screwup (i.e. I didn’t call him) but he’s looking forward to working with us going forward. Some one ribbed him for sitting in the Microsoft booth, so he pulled out his PowerBook (or maybe it was an iBook). I told him that since he like UNIX so much, we should install Services for UNIX on his Windows laptop. 😄

This is a very different crowd from TechEd – not better or worse, just different. Very heavy academic presence. I got a very interesting code visualization demo from an MIT grad student. Flipping thru the conference program, the vast majority of the speakers are from universities. The majority of the remaining speakers are from IBM and to a lesser extent Sun. There’s a small Microsoft presence among the speakers – primarily related to Software Factories. It’s interesting, however, that three of the six of the invited speakers this year are from Microsoft.