I’m sitting in the back of the room listening to Jack present the Factories overview for the DSL Tutorial. I’ve seen most of the content for this session before, but not brought together like this. Currently, he’s talking about mapping business capabilities to system requirements. I’ve started to see quite a bit of discussion of mapping business capabilities recently. Gurpreet talked about it in his EA session n Malaysia. Jack Calhoun also talked about it at SAF. Memo to self – more transparency around business capability mapping.

BTW, check out Michael Lehman’s blog. Michael has been building (it’s not really done) the factories demo for the tutorial. He’s got some great points about DSL’s, abstraction and product lines. As I type this, he’s demoing expanding an e-commerce factory template inside of VS.NET. Cool stuff. I expect him to be blogging a lot more about building factories after this week.