When I blogged TechEd, I started on Day Zero, the day before TechEd officially opened. At TechEd, that day is used for preconfernce sessions as well as other meetings. At OOPSLA, there are two days of preconfernces – I arrived today but the conference doesn’t officially open until Tuesday with Rick Rashid’s keynote. I guess that makes today “-1″. So far, it’s very quiet around here. I’ve got booth duty until 5pm, but I doubt I’ll spend much time with attendees. There’s only about 15 attendees in the exhibit hall right now. All the booth staff are chit-chatting with each other or are working on their computers. I’m sitting with Ajay, a product manager from VSTS emailing, chatting and deailing with some last minute shipping issues. (My group has just had really bad luck sending stuff recently). Of course, I’m guessing most people are in their precon sessions. I stuck my head in Jack’s session on Generative Software Development and it was full. Tomorrow is the DSL Tutorial that Keith blogged about. By then, I’m thinking things will be in full swing.