Cool DasBlog Feature is Google Friendly

I was reading Steve’s blog with my browser earlier today when I noticed his odd permalink url’s. Instead of a url like “”, his look like “,guid,fc99ce5e-b748-44f0-853d-0a261632b885.aspx”. Turns out it’s a standard feature of dasBlog! Just check “Enable URL rewriting” in the config page and you’re set. Now my permalink url’s look like Steve’s.

Since Google doesn’t index pages based on query string, this feature should make my site more easily crawled and googled.

Update: This feature breaks sub category specific feeds, like “Blogging | dasBlog“, so I’m turning it back off until someone can fix the bug.


Can you file this bug in the bug db
Does this break existing Permalinks?
From what I can tell, it does not break existing permalinks. It appears that the pages handle both the query string and the google-friendly format regardless of the url rewriting setting. Turning on url rewriting basically changes the format of the permalinks. Will do on filing the bug.