Support for MSNP8

Robert M. Wagner Jr. sent me (and Chris) an update for IMCLI to support MSNP8. I haven’t tested it or integrated it into Messenger.NET yet, but here’s the code if you don’t want to wait.

I’ve spun up a GDN Workspace for IMCLI and Messenger.NET. Nothing’s up there yet until I get Chris‘s permission to post his code. Permission has been granted – I’ll have the code up there in the next day or so.


All I can say is: HUH???? :::blank stare:::: ;-)
I tried to download the code [] but ASP.NET won't let me download a .cs file. can you drop it in a zip or something ? Tx Simon
Ditto, Chris, can you post the new code as a txt file or something, I'd love to get this working again.